To order equipment, review categories at left, copy and paste any items you wish to ask questions about or order in an email to Vintage Media Equipment along with your zip code. You'll receive a reply as to the availability of the equipment, answers to any questions, and your shipping charges for those particular items to your zip code via USPS or Fed Ex Ground. There is no charge for packaging or handling. If you place an order in a subsequent email, those items will be reserved for you, shipped after payment, and the shipping tracking number will be emailed to you. Items are shipped within 3 working days on receipt of cashier's check, money order, or confirmation of payment through Paypal (be sure to make the payment to Items are shipped within 2 weeks upon receipt of American or Canadian personal checks. Overseas buyers must pay by wired cash payment and should query by email about shipping charges.

All of this equipment has been tested and, unless indicated otherwise, is in good serviceable condition. Some of the more big-ticket equipment has been rated for condition as follows: MINT = like new with no beauty marks; EX+ = functionally excellent with possibly a few beauty marks; EX = functionally excellent with normal wear; EX- = functionally excellent with noticeable wear; GOOD = functional with noticeable wear and non-essential damage (cracked viewfinder window, replaced non-original part, etc.), POOR = noticeable wear and one or more functions inoperable (slow shutter speeds inoperable, picture but no sound, etc.). Any imperfections will be described in detail prior to purchase or shipment. Additionally, there is a category of Inoperative Equipment of interest to repair departments seeking parts, collectors who might want a cosmetically excellent specimen that actually doesn't work, and prop departments who want period items or items that might get blown up during production.

Our client list for used equipment includes many of the nation's major museums, universities, and documentary/industrial/feature film producers. Our knowledge of vintage equipment, its uses, and its adaptability to modern needs is unsurpassed. Query us regarding your project needs and we'll help you explore options.

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