We stock a variety of Bolex cine equipment, but our greatest Bolex inventory and customer interest is in the line of Bolex H16mm cameras which date from the 1930's and are still in production today. Our inventory of Bolex H16 cameras fall into two categories; those mostly later models with reflex viewing while filming, and those mostly earlier models without reflex viewing while filming. Both versions offer a springwind drive, 100' daylight loading, variable frame rates, and have sophisticated functions such as single frame, time exposure, footage and frame counter, handcrank/backwind, and the option of adding external electric motors, time lapse motors, remote controls, matte boxes, and most of the many accessories made for Bolex H16 cameras by the original or other manufacturers. Particular models have variable shutters that allow for in-camera fades and sharper images, magazine saddles that allow for 400' external magazines for film economy and very long runs, and, in the case of non-reflex while filming models, rackover full frame viewing and focusing prior to filming. All Bolex H16 cameras we stock use standard threaded C-mount lenses, although the reflex models require RX C-mount lenses for focal lengths of 25mm or less. Bolex H16 cameras are often the first choice of animators, astronomers, nature studies, laboratory scientists, and those working in instrumentation technology. We also stock Bolex super and regular 8mm cameras for those who want to shoot titles or intercuts for their parent's home movies, or experiment in the least expensive film medium. Query us with your project needs and we'll explain the options that Bolex H16 cameras might provide you.

  • Bolex H16 Leader, 3 lens turret, rackover groundglass focuser, Octameter, EX- 295
  • Bolex H16 M1, single lens, motor mount, classic pedestal base, EX 295
  • Bolex H16 M3, single lens, motor mount, square base, EX 395
  • Bolex H16 M5, single lens, motor mount, square base, magazine shoe, EX 495
  • Bolex H16 Reflex, 3 lens turret, pellicle reflex, motor mount, EX 495
  • Bolex Rex II, 3 lens turret, reflex, variable shutter, motor mount, EX 695
  • Bolex Rex V, 3 lens turret, reflex, var. shtr., motor mt., square base, magazine shoe, EX+ 1295
    • Bolex H8 Supreme, 100' load, triple D-mt. turret, Octameter finder, EX 125
    • Bolex H8 Leader, 100' load, triple D-mt. turret, Trifocal finder, EX- 90
    • Bolex B8, standard 25' load, twin D-mt. turret, EX 40
      • Bolex CEC metal mattebox w/2 Series 8 filter septums, EX- 125
      • Bolex flat base EX 25
      • Bolex flat base with mattebox adapter plate EX 75
      • Bolex CDS meter for H Reflex, EX 90
      • Bolex pistol grip for Rex V w/quick release EX 90
      • Bolex pistol grip for H16 EX 25
      • Bolex pistol grip for P1 EX 10
      • Bolex unimotor EX 150
      • Bolex motor transformer EX 150
      • Bolex voltage regulator EX+ 80
      • Bolex Rexofader, nicked, binds, as-is, GOOD- 45
      • Bolex rackover for H16/H8 cameras EX 65
      • Bolex H16 Trifocal finder, 15-25-75mm fields, EX+ 40
      • Bolex H16 Octameter finder, 8 fields, EX 65
      • Bolex 10mm objective for H16 Octameter finder EX 35
      • Bolex H8 Octameter finder EX+ 65
      • Bolex H8 Trifocal finder, 12.5-25-3 EX- 40
      • Bolex H8 eye-level finder for rackover view/focus, EX+ 45
      • Bolex H16 front plate GOOD 50
      • Bolex H16 lens turret w/rackover prism, GOOD 50
      • Bolex C-mount turret plug EX 15
      • Bolex long handle for P1 zoom lens EX 12
      • Bolex H16/H8 pressure plate EX 35
      • Bolex H16/H8 springwind crank EX 40
      • Bolex H16/H8 springwind crank for R EX 50
      • Bolex H16/H8 short backwind crank EX 25
      • Bolex H16/H8 long backwind crank EX 35
      • Bolex #24 3X blue filter, plastic case, EX 15
      • Bolex filter septum for body filter slot, EX 10
      • Bolex filter septum box GOOD 10
      • Bolex cable release & adapter EX 50
      • Bolex H16/H8 door EX 100
      • Bolex H16/H8 roundtop leather case GOOD 50
      • Bolex H16/H8 square leather case FAIR 35
      • Bolex H16/H8 square leather case, a EX 50
      • Bolex P1 original leather case EX- 10

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