In addition to the popular Bell & Howell, Bolex, and Kodak lines, we stock a variety of other brands of cine equipment. One of the most popular 16mm cameras preferred by professionals, particularly for sound work and under studio conditions, is the Auricon Cine Voice camera because (1) it is self blimped to reduce sound reaching the microphone, (2) it provides the option of optical sound tracks recorded directly on the film in the camera, and (3) it is driven by a constant speed (sometimes called "synchronous") motor which will synchonize with external magnetic sound recorders in what is called "double system sound," the most widely used sound recording technique in professional filming. The Cine Voice was originally designed to accept 100' daylight daylight loading film spools, and some cameras have been modified to accept external 400' film magazines. Additionally, we stock a variety of other brands of 35mm, 16mm, regular 8mm, and super 8mmcine cameras. Query us and we'll explain the options that the Auricon Cine Voice and other cameras we stock might provide you.

  • Auricon 1200 VA optical, TV-T shutter, S-mount, no galvo, EX 350
  • Auricon Cine Voice VA optical, 100' internal & 400' external, no galvo, intructions, EX 795
  • Cine Voice conversion to 400' Mitchell magazines, no galvo, EX- 795
  • Morton Soundmaster, VD galvo, 200' magaine & 400 Mitchel adapter, EX- 795
    16mm 100' LOAD CAMERAS
    • Beaulieu R16 Automatic w/hand grip, AC adapter, battery grip, inoperative 395
    • Keystone A3, single C-mount, 8-16-32fps, EX- 40
    • Keystone A7, single C-mount, 8-16-24-32fps, EX- 50
    • Fastax WF3, prism shutter, 1000-3000fps, 110VAC motor, case, EX 495
      • Chadwick Helmuth 360 pulse camera, single C-mount, EX 50
      • GSAP, single M-mount, EX- 50
      • GSAP w/35mm f3.5 Wollensak, German markings, 4 pin Amphenol, EX- 50
      • Revere, single C-mount, zoom finder, EX 40
      • Revere Model 36, single C-mount, takes B&H viewfinder objectives, case, EX+ 50
        • Sankyo XL61-200 reflex, 7.5-45mm f1.2, 18-24fps, AC/DC supply, inst., case, EX++395
        • GAF SS250XL reflex, 9-22.5mm f1.1 reflex power zoom, EX 150
        • Minolta XL660, 17-45mm f1.7 reflex zoom, case, EX 125
        • Kodak Ektasound 130, 9mm f1.2 Ektar, mike, EX 75
        • Kodak Ektasound 140, 9-21mm f1.2 Ektar, mike, EX 95
        • Kodak Ektasound 200, 9-21mm f1.2 Ektar, mike, EX 175
          • Beaulieu 4008ZM w/8-64mm Angenieux, AC adp., dead battery, instructions, case, EX- 390
          • Bolex H8 Rex 100' conversion, 8-36mm Vario Switar auto exposure interchangeable lens, EX+ 495
          • Argus 814 Reflex, 8.5-35mm f1.8, auto exp., 18fps & slo-mo, rem. jack, EX 75
          • Bell & Howell 430 Reflex, manual f1.9 zoom, manual focus, auto exp., 18fps, EX 50
          • Bell & Howell 431 Reflex, power f1.9 zoom, manual focus, auto exp., 18fps, rem. jack, folding pistol grip, EX 65
          • Yashica 30 Reflex, manual 10-30mm f1.7 zoom, manual focus, auto exp. & backlight, 18fps & SF, EX- 50
            • Crown Auto Zoom 201 Reflex, 9.5-30mm reflex zoom, case, EX 40
            • Jelco U8, f1.8 zoom, auto exposure, EX 15
            • Keystone K8, 13mm? F3.5 Velostigmat D-mt., EX+ 24
            • Keystone K12 Reflex Auto Zoom, EX 20
            • Keystone K48 Bel Air magazine, triple D-mt. turret, grey leather finish, EX 25
            • Mansfield 185, 3 f1.8 lenses on turret, EX 20
            • Perfex Model A, triple D-mt. turret, EX 20
            • Revere Eye-O-Matic, 3 built-in lens turret, keyed leather case, EX 25
            • Revere 84, triple D-mt.turret, EX 25
            • Revere 88, 13mm f2.5 Velostigmat, EX+ 25
            • Revere 88, 13mm f3.5 Velostigmat, EX+ 25
            • Revere 88, 12.7mm f2.5 Somco-Revere, EX+ 25
            • Revere 88, 13mm f2.5 Cine Raptar, EX+ 25
            • Revere 88, 13mm f2.5 built-in Cine Raptar, EX+ 25
            • Revere 8 B63, magazine load, triple D-mt turret, EX 25
            • Rondo Cinematioc 8, 3 lenses in turret, box, EX+ 25
            • Sankyo Zoom 8, 10-30mm f1.8 zoom, SF, pistol grip, leather case, EX 25
            • Sears 584 magazine, 9-29mm f1.8 reflex, EX 25
            • Tower T185, 3 lenses in turret, meter, EX 15
            • Tower T184 (Revere), triple D-mt. turret, EX 20

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